Channel Partner Zone

Are you one of our many customers who are benefiting from a low cost big business service from Blueface? If so, why not help other businesses benefit too? Read our free whitepaper on 5 Things You Need to Consider Before Joining the Blueface Partner Programme.

Refer a Friend

In business, we rely on our network of friends and contacts to share with us the ways we can do business better, particularly when there are big savings to be made. A personal recommendation is a reflection of your reputation and we realise it’s important. Along with helping another business, when you’ve recommended a customer sign-up with Blueface, we would like to acknowledge that recommendation in the form of credit on your Blueface account. For each customer that you bring to Blueface, we’ll allocate the equivalent of 1 month of their call plan in call plan and Pay As You Go credit on your Blueface account. Contact us today on using our contact form, or call us using the details at the bottom of this page, for more details on how this programme can benefit your company.

Partner Programme

Are you a business that has access to Small to Medium enterprises that could benefit from the Blueface service? Are you sales focused and considering other ways to generate additional revenue for your business? If so, the Partner programme may be an option for you. The Blueface Partner Programme follows a referral model whereby Blueface Partners provide leads directly to the Blueface team who close the sale and a ‘finders fee’ is then subsequently paid to the Partner. The partner programme includes a commitment to achieve quarterly targets and work closely with Blueface. To find out more about this programme, please send us your Blueface username and brief details about your business to

Affinity Scheme

Would members of your organisation benefit from discounts on their business mobile or landline service? Does your organisation have 250 members or more? Can you directly contact all your members? Blueface Affinity Scheme provides an opportunity for your organisation and members to benefit when you sign-up to the Blueface service. We gain new customers and your members receive greatly discounted rates. To find out more about this scheme, please email