Fax Service

Any Blueface customer can send a fax via email, you do not need a fax number allocated to your Blueface account. However you do need a fax number to receive faxes. Find out here how to get a fax number added to your account

Virtual Numbers

Cheap Calls for Your Contacts. Generate business in new markets or allow customers to contact you for the price of a local call no matter what city or country they’re in.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) / Virtual Receptionist

With Blueface IVR you get a reliable and tested system that requires no large investment.


Call Conferencing

Free to all Blueface users. To access: login to your Blueface account and select "Conferencing" from the customer menu.

Go Mobile

Blueface's great low rates from your mobile phone.

Important Sevices

Number Porting

Did you know that phone numbers are portable and that you can keep your current number? Number porting is easy, fill out a simple form and your PSTN number could be ported in as little as 24 hours