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About Us

Blueface is a high growth, innovative and dynamic IP telephony services company which is headquartered in Ireland with operations in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Italy.  With landline and mobile operations, Blueface has leveraged its customised IP platform to deliver products and services to businesses, SME’s and Professional Consumers.

Blueface was originally established in 2005 and has perfected its IP technology platform which has been deployed successfully in over 12 countries worldwide. Blueface’s vision is to become the leading provider of converged IP telephony services to SME’s across Europe.

Read more about the Blueface Management Team.

Latest News

Blueface is delighted to launch our ICT Insight Report 2014 that gives an overview of IT usage by businesses across the country.

This report represents a culmination of a nationwide survey among business owners and sets out Blueface's seven key predictions emerging in ICT that will shape businesses in the coming years. We hope you find this report informative and relevant to you and your business.

If you are a business leader or senior IT professional, this report will be of particular interest to you. For your complimentary copy of the report please see here: www.blueface.ie/insights

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