Features & Services

Blueface has a core commitment to Research and Development and we have developed a market leading IP platform for mobile, landline and converged telephony solutions. As a Blueface customer, you can avail of our suite of innovative voice features, functionality and services which will ensure that your business stays ahead of the curve in terms of flexibility, productivity and workforce mobility.


Blueface has developed a full range of enterprise class features for our customers. Please review the feature set below. Each Blueface feature has been developed with the objective of delivering high quality voice solutions support the business operations of our customers in their constantly changing, fast paced market environments.

mobile sms Virtual number follow me convergence Remote worker mobility
Full mobile service with unlimited plans for calls, text & data.
Send up to 100 SMS from your online control panel.
Get a local number in over 40 countries worldwide.
Divert your landline to mobile when you are out of the office. One extension dial.
Plug and play phones enable flexi-working in your organisation.
landline IVR call recording online account management call centre functionality
Full landline service with free calls to Ireland & UK across all call plans.
Automated voice greeting to welcome callers and divert to the most appropriate department.
Store call recordings for training or compliance purposes.
Configure your account from an easy to use control panel that makes changes instantly.
Deploy full contact centre functionality to handle your inbound or outbound call centre.
fax conferencing online real time billing private APN,s Unified voicemail
The fax to email service allows organisations to replace the need for fax machines and line rental.
Host unlimited conferences with local & international bridge numbers provided.
Access real time call history & billing data directly from your control panel.
Backhaul your data to utilise your own network. Option to limit and monitor employee data usage.
One converged voicemail box for landline and mobile. Voicemail to email as standard.


The Blueface Corporate Solutions proposition is delivered by our team of ICT professionals and supported by a range of value added services. In Blueface, we do our best to ensure that each managed service customer receives an excellent standard of service from the start of their deployment and for the lifecycle of their relationship with Blueface.

telecom consultancy
Analyse your needs, resilience, capacity, existing providers, billing information, connectivity & more.

managed network services
For larger customers, Blueface offer an end to end managed service. This ensures one company has full accountability over your network across all hardware.

Bespoke development
Our engineering team can work to make your custom requirements a possibility.

integration services
Do you want your calls to integrate with your CRM or another system? Talk to our solutions team to see how Blueface can improve your workflow.

managed network services
With full carrier interconnects, Blueface is able to port your numbers from any provider in Ireland. Switching to Blueface is easy.

Bespoke development
For larger enterprises, Blueface deploys a second disaster recovery site enabling seamless business continuity.

integration services
Blueface provision phones to be plug and play on delivery. Updates are administered remotely free of charge.

managed network services
Irish based customer care team available for accounts and technical support queries throughout business hours and beyond if required.

Bespoke development
Blueface offer 3 levels of technical support capable of resolving any technical query.